Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fourth post: LOOK! In drugstores…gud by Burt’s Bee’s body lotion in Orange Petalooza

It should be no surprise that I like lotion, since I have already done a review on a lotion the other day on one I just tried. I was at my local Walgreens where I got to see my favorite beauty salesperson working and she was telling me about a product that I was inquiring about. I was done talking to her, and then I look to my left and saw this new lotion by gud. It is a new brand that is by Burt’s Bees. I was intrigued. So, I open up the vanilla scent to smell it. There was no tester, and she said I was welcome to test a small amount so I did. I rubbed it onto my hand, and let the scent sink in. I loved the consistency almost immediately, but the scent of it…was just not agreeing with me. She had told me to try out the blood orange scent. Now, normally I am not the biggest fan of citrus scents. I am more of a vanilla scent gal. Oh, wow…WOW! I loved the scent! LOVED it!! The consistency in this one is also perfect. It immediately sinks in your skin to give you such smooth skin. The associate then asked me if I had ever eaten a blood orange and I said ‘I never have’ and she had said whenever you get the chance…please do, they are delicious. Back to my review…it is now day two of me having the lotion and I just took a shower and then let myself dry off, and then I applied the lotion. I feel the same way. It is love. If you are a fan of citrus…and you have a Walgreens nearby, don’t walk…but RUN. Get this lotion. I highly recommend it.

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